About  - The Art Garage

The Art Garage has been operating for over 8 years, previously as Inspirational Art.

We specialise in abstract contemporary artwork that can be customised/designed to the needs of any client.  

Custom design, enables you to acquire a piece that suit you décor, colours, space and interior or exterior design.

Pricing ranging from a reasonable $230.00 up depending on size and textures.  Designed to fit the size of your wall.  We can work with an idea that you have seen elsewhere and make it your own.


About – Suzie Pert (Abstract Artist)

Suzie has been painting now for 15 years.

Many of those years have been spent raising two boys and running a busy household.  She has attended many different classes to find the type of art that she enjoys producing.  Making time to produce quality abstract art has been a passion.  Suzie has a Gold Coast studio and uses all spare time to create. Travelled extensively and have admired abstract art around the world.

Suzie believes that every abstract art piece gives her a sense of satisfaction and connection with the piece.